Highly Efficient Replacement Windows and Doors in Reno, NV

We provide high quality vinyl Milgard windows in Reno, NV. Here at Solitude Home Solutions, we offer 50+ years of combined experience with window and door replacement. We have serviced over 10,000 residential units and have been in the construction industry for generations and will be in the industry for many generations to come. We can help you with your window replacement needs. Give us a call! (775) 885-7858.

reno nv replacement windows and doors 300x159Are you finding your home or office building is challenging to manage indoor air quality, or is it prone to air change inefficiencies? If so, it may be a good time to check into upgrading your space with replacement windows and doors in Reno, NV. Not only can you improve the curb appeal and overall appearance of the property, but the installation of high-performance windows and doors will also significantly improve the comfort factor of the areas in question.

The professionals at Solitude Home Solutions have a wide range of combined experience in the construction sector. With a clear understanding of the industry and quality artisans who take pride in a job well done, we have become a trusted name in the region. We regularly work with homeowners, general contractors, big-name builders, and property managers to offer seamless installations on large and smaller-scale projects.


A Collection Full of Choices for Replacement Windows and Doors in Reno, NV

Solitude Home Solutions is a Milgard certified dealer and installer. These are high-caliber products, and they make a massive impact on the energy efficiency of a space. Air leakage is a big problem that can be positively impacted by replacing the right window and door products. The other half of this equation is getting a professional quality install. Great products can’t overcome corner-cutting or shoddy installation work.

There are several styles and finishes you may choose from to create a customized look for replacement windows and doors in Reno, NV. There are options for more classic or ornate designs, as well as sleek, modern, and clean lines for a more contemporary look. Here are just a few products we specialize in:
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  • Vinyl Windows: These windows are a breeze to maintain. While made from non-corroding materials, the vinyl is highly durable. The compounds within our vinyl are specifically formulated to support high energy efficiency. This means that outside air stays outside, and inside air stays inside. Since you are paying for heating and cooling services, having this makes good sense, right?
  • Fiberglass Windows: These windows are a classic look with exceptional strength. Even if you are looking for huge windows, these frames can safely support the weight. The fiberglass frames are considered low maintenance and can be painted for a perfect match!
  • Patio Doors: With a variety of operational style functions, these doors can be selected to support your space in practical ways. Choose between sliding, in-swing, and out-swing options. It is essential to find the right style, so the doors flow well with the everyday use they will need to support in-home or office.
  • French Style Doors: These beautiful doors can add natural light to your commercial or residential property. These can be ordered for interior and exterior applications.
  • Stormer Doors: This is a great choice to provide an additional layer of protection against the elements. These can also be used as a “window” to add extra light and airflow on mild weather days. Aesthetically pleasing designs for a modern application are available.
  • Aluminum Stacking Doors: If you dream of floor-to-ceiling glass walls that can also be opened to function as an entrance and exit, you must check out our aluminum stacking doors! These operate as panels that fold back on themselves, allowing for a large opening or smaller opening. When closed, they look a bit like sliding doors. This product provides a great look with many possible applications.


Understanding How Vinyl Is Made

When you go to the store to buy bread, there are generally many options available. Each bread brand and type has a distinct recipe. However, many of us have found a few brands we prefer over others even though the essential ingredients are pretty similar between brands. This is much like vinyl. Each manufacturer of vinyl uses its own specific formulation. This specific “recipe” means that not all vinyl will perform with just the same properties. Though they may look very similar, they won’t be at all the same.

Vinyl is made primarily from a compound called polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as “PVC.” Milgard’s window and door frames contain only vinyl that they produced to meet their own exacting standards and formulation requirements. This quality control protocol also means that Milgard has a warranty they gladly stand behind since they trust their standards so much. When needed, the warranty claim process is hassle-free and created with customer satisfaction in mind.


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Replacement Windows and Doors FAQs

What is the average cost of replacing windows?

The average cost of replacing a window is between $200 to $1,800, with a national average of roughly $100 to $650, depending on window frame material and glass quality, among other things. The cost of labor adds to the overall cost of window replacement and might range from $100 to $300 per window. Learn more about a window and door specialist.


What is the cheapest way to replace windows?

If you want your overall cost to go down when replacing your windows, consider using cheaper but aesthetically elegant materials. Solid wood windows are the most expensive option. Fiberglass frames, on the other hand, are less expensive, and solid vinyl frames are the cheapest of all.


Are vinyl windows best?

Yes, it is one of the best window materials you can use. Vinyl replacement windows are often the least expensive of any replacement window frame type, and they are also the most energy-efficient, particularly when compared to its wood and aluminum counterparts. Learn more about window replacement.